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A Nice Free Utility to Manage Free Text

While Surfing I found one nice app which help me a lot.

Normally when we are surfing internet for any reasons like to search any code, to search any details for an article or for any reasons.
We like to save some text details. So we copy it and save it in notepad at various locations.

When I was surfing I found one nice free utility through which we can save, store, append the text from anywhere on browser just by pressing a key combination on the keyboard.

You can download it from
 File name: File size:1.53 MB

For more information read the help file in this zip file.

It is really a very useful utility.

Custom Recent Changes Menu in Sharepoint 2010

Here is a code to create custom control in the Sharepoint which can be used in place of Customize
Recently Added Menu.

Code Behind (.CS File)
Write the following code in the Page Load Event of User Control.

eCode to Change in Wkpstd.aspx file
Take a backup of File <Sharepoint Folder 14 >\TEMPLATE\DocumentTemplates\wkpstd.aspx
Now in original copy
Add dll registration code in the end of header

This will change Recent changes menu in new Custom Recent Changes Menu with 10 Items in list and List Name as a Header Title of the Menu.

Submitted By Nipesh Shah @ 11/2/2011 1:43:32 PM
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