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Check whether file is Locked or not using C# code. This check is useful before using file.

Get File Mime Type using C# .net code using registry

Code to get file mime type using c# code

Use of AKS Document Merger to HR

KS Document Merger is very helpful utility for HR Department to complete their task like creating Pay Slip and other documents etc.  Most of HR Dept has maintained database with SQL, Access, Excel for their data management so we are using MS Access 2003 as Data Source in AKS Document Merger. We are showing here how AKS Document Merger can be used by an HR Department.
Creating documents required 3 Steps for generated collection of merged documents.

1.            Loading database.
2.            Creating and Loading source template.
3.            Generate document(s) or Emails.

To read the complete documentation for AKS Document Merger for HR please visit here.
For more documents visit here
Visit AKSar Utilites for more details regarding AKS Document Merger.
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