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Making Data Dictionary from SQL or MS. Access

It is very easy to create data dictionary from M.S. Access as well as SQL.

Microsoft Access

Step 1 : Open the Access Database
Step 2 : Go to Database Tools.

Step 3 : Click on Database Documenter.

Step 4 : Select the tables.
Step 5 : Go to Options & Select Appropriate Options.

Step 6 : Click OK.
Step 7 : Export it word from More -> Word.

You get your Data Dictionary Ready.

Microsoft SQL Server.

Step 1 : Create New Query.

Step 2 : Write any one query given below.

For All Tables. 

“select * from <DatabaseName>.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS;”

For Single Table
“select * from <DatabaseName>.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS where TABLE_NAME='Table Name';”

Step 3 : Execute the query.
Step 4 : Select the output by clicking the small square on the top left corner of your result.

Step 5 : Paste it in excel sheet.
Step 6 : Modify the Output as per your requirement.

Step 7 : It is ready for your use.

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