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Sharepoint File Uploader

Window Application to Upload multiple files on Sharepoint Library Easily.

Sharepoint File Uploader is a Utility to upload multiple files to any Sharepoint library using Windows Authentication or FBA (Forms Based Authentication). It is very fast and can easily upload any type of files.

- Support both  Windows Authentication or FBA (Forms Based Authentication)
- Can filter files by size.
- Easy to use.
- Select multiple file and S/w uploads all the files from the list.
- No need to refresh slow sharepoint pages.
- Uploading is done using Web Service so this can be use from any PC. (Not necessarily Server Required)
- No storage of UserName & Password so it is Secured.
- Error Log.
- Error in one file does not affect uploading of other files in queue.

- Does not support Windows Authentication in Case where site supports both Authentications at a same time.
- Does not work when Sharepoint Library has Required Parameters.

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