Collect information from Email using MS Access

This post is to collect information from a number of people easily.
This can be used in offices, surveys, members, family or friends(Personal).
 Using this method we can mail users to fill a form for specific information. the fields of the Access table will sent to specific users vie Email when user replies that mail that information automatically added or updated in the Access table.

Step 1.
Create One table in MS Access (I used 2007 here) with the Fields you want to collect from the user. I create here a table with following fields.

 Step 2.
 Now there are two ways to send this mail.
1. Send the mails to the data of email field in the table. (Used for update table data.)
2. Send the mails to the email addresses in the outlook or custom. (New Information)

We use the second method here.

Right click on the table name and click Collect and Update Data vie E-mail.

This will open an wizard.

Step 3.
Follow the wizard as below...

Click Next ...

In this step select HTML Form. This will generate Html form. In case you and all the members(whom you want to participate in this must have MS Infopath installed to reply your form.
Click Next...

Add all the fields from "Fields in table" to "Fields to Include in e email message" you want to ask to the members.You can exclude fields if required.
Click Next...
Don't forget to Chek the checkbox saying "Automatically process replies and add data to Collect Information" this allows to update the information from receiving mail to your database.
Click Next...

Select first option "Enter the e-mail addresses in Microsoft Outlook" to collect mail id from outlook (for new database) or
select second option "Use the e-mail addresses stored in a field in the database." to collect mail id from database itself.(for data updating purpose)
In our case we select the first option. For second option you need one field in the database with datatype "Hyperlink".

Click Next...
Type the Subject and Custom Message in this form and
Click Next...

This is the final Step Click Create Button to create Emails.

This will create one email message as shown in the image with subject and Custom Message.
Now select the email addresses from your outlook and send the mail to the Members.

Step 4
Step 4 is very nice you have nothing to do in this step.
When your users send reply to this mail their data will automatically update in the database.

Members see this type of email

You need to inform your first time user just to Reply this mail with filled details. As i done above.
When outlook gets the replied mail it will directly update the data in the Access table and not show any Mail in the outlook inbox (no burdon on outlook).
You can see the received information in the Access Database.

If you need any further information please comment on this or mail me....

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